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September 13, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough works his way through a pair of mini-comics.

* this is an amazing interview with Jim Woodring, but pretty much all of his interviews dive into the amazing at some point or another. It's like his comics work; each book seems to be moving toward this awesome, perfect state just as each interview seems to build on moments from past one. Poochytown is incredible, with some of the post stunning two-page spreads of Woodring's glorious career. I've read it four times now.

* here's Mark Kniight defending his Serena cartoon. I am going to catch up to that one, but not watch it right now and not just because I had video presentations on-line taking the place of proper, I-control-it prose. The initial defenses I saw tried to shift the argument against the cartoon into minor side-areas to the obvious criticism one would have. There are better visual than what we got, Wright is skilled enough to find them. When he doesn't, it really does suggest that certain visual strategies are used because of the very specific cultural weight they bring to the arguments in play.

* finally, this RJ Casey editorial about Amazon's involvement with SPX is getting people riled up. Comixology is a sponsor of the show I run as well, and they've basically just cut me a check. Fantagraphics itself does a significant amount of its business through Amazon. It's good to ask these question, especially with the horrifying elements of the larger corporation on display. As was the case with Eric Reynolds recent editorial, the best point for right now is that we cannot pretend a company that big can operate without having an impact on everything around them. I haven't given up just yet on supporting my local food co-op and buying the occasional bag of chicken breasts for $6.48 at some place with a high ceiling and a Subway just inside the front door.
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