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September 15, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on Bumperhead.

* this is a nice-looking Al Columbia drawing I hadn't seen before.

* this t-shirt looks like a good one to buy tomorrow at SPX. There hasn't been a Fantagraphics t-shirt like that one in a while.

* I would assume the answer to question posed is no, no one will really care if Hawkman dies again in a DC comic book. That character is pretty simple but was jacked around backstory-wise for so many times that it sort of made the character unreliable and less permanent than characters that stayed in one basic groove. The weird thing is you can kind of combine them all: space cops for a warrior race + an earlier version came to earth + reincarnation. I mean, most role-playing games carry more dissonance than that.

* back in the 1990s there was endless talk of Gordian Knot splitting-type marketing moves the industry could make to become a mainstream medium again, beloved by all. Roughly 30 percent of them involved celebrities reading comics.

* finally, John Romita Sr. draws the Incredible Hulk with a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I bet there's a great art book to be had from JR SR's commercial art on behalf of the varous Marvel characters.
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