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September 22, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* that is one good-looking comics portrait of Biz Markie.

image* I like this piece from Sean Kleefeld on Blades Of Hope because it's told from the point of view of a consumer: what he likes, what led him to purchase.

* Todd Klein on Aquaman And The Others #5. Sean Gaffney on Attack On Titan Guidebook. Henry Chamberlain on An Age Of License. Andy Oliver on Scene & Heard.

* not comics: DC is becoming quite bullish on TV shows for its second-tier characters, a strategy that makes sense for a few reasons including 1) they now have a template for doing such shows successfully, and 2) TV shows play to different strengths that comics have, strengths that haven't yet been exploited.

* John Porcellino, art hero.

* congratulations to Lucy Knisley and her husband John Horstman, on their momentous life event. Graphic novel forthcoming.

* Team Let's Talk Comics talks to Scott Allie. Brian Cremins talks to Marnie Galloway. Kristin Steenbeeke talks to David Lasky.

* I like little kids in superhero costumes, like this awesome-looking Wonder Woman.

* finally, a couple more from Kleefeld: 1) a short essay on why inclusive casting with comics character-structures is a boon on many levels; 2) a piece on the 1995 comics umbrella.
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