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September 18, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Henry Chamberlain on The Osamu Tezuka Story.

* I nearly missed this article by Magdalene Visaggio on the problem with cix creators writing trans narratives, focused on Alters, to which Paul Jenkins is contributing the writing. I hadn't heard of Alters because it's an Aftershock comic and for whatever reason I don't hear about those. The article is smart and funny and insightful. It also, while stressing it is not a review of the work, ends up being a pretty devastating review of the work. My basic views on how art works are shaped by the theatre, so the Visaggio's perspectives on some of the underlying issues in terms of how art functions tend to be different than my own. That makes me that much more greatly appreciative that I got to read it, and will think about the objections raised for a long while.

* in contrast, I totally missed this piece about the fumbling of PR on behalf of Star Trek in its 50th year, which is kind of inexplicable when you stop and think about it. I wondered after this thinking that maybe the movie was a total turd, but the movie was fine. PR and marketing get tossed as a magic bullet to goose sales, but it is really its own set of practices to give something the best chance to fulfill its mission. That can be a comic book making money but it can also be a hospital filling beds. I hope that we do better with the 100 year anniversaries of Kirby and Eisner in 2017 than CBS and Paramount did with Star Trek this year.

* finally, early Namor is the best.
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