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September 25, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this pass-around from the University of Chicago has a lot of comics-related imagery, although it seems odd to encounter a couple of people in my inbox writing to me about it as if it were in comics form.

* here's a list of indie comics creators attending RCCC that I should probably save for a bunch of go, looks. It's interesting to see very little from the alt-comics side of things, given that RCCC can trace itself back to the Stumptown show that had a significant element of that. I mean, it was always clear that show was split. But still. It does make me think that alt-comics as we came to think of them 1994-2003 may be a really, really odd duck right now.

* finally: I'm much more aware of the DC custom comics department, or whatever it's called, I think because I simply see more of them. Here's a Marvel comic of that type featuring a Jay Stephens character. No one does Universe Pay For Play.
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