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September 28, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* I am bookmarking J. Caleb Mozzocco writing about the DC Rebirth titles for myself, as I sort out what might be of interest in their relaunch from an industry perspective and for me as a reader. Mozzocco is one of our most reliable writers-about-comics, and doesn't get that credit frequently enough. If you want to make use of that link as well, I won't stop you.

* this is a very good, short review by the cartoonist Katie Skelly on Someone Please Have Sex With Me.

* Abraham Riesman talks to Karen Berger for a lengthy, sober profile. I like that they go over Berger's willingness to criticize some of the goofy moves made by her former employer once she left. If you push someone out in part for philosophical reasons, it should be totally fair game for them to press a point when a different philosophy would have engendered a different result. Berger is back with an cover-editor credit on a new book; she was contacted via LinkedIn! Alex Dueben talks to Teri S. Wood and to Stephen Murphy.

* Riesman again with comics to read before you watch the new Luke Cage Netflix series launching this Friday. There are a lot of entertaining on his list, although I hop to god you really don't need to read them before watching the TV show. People are so rattled by the election if that's any good folks are going to be so grateful. Plus who doesn't love Alfre Woodard?

* finally, writer Greg Rucka discusses the sexuality of the Wonder Woman character as he understands it in the course of his current work in collaboration on the comic book title. Makes sense to me. I hadn't thought about the leaves-for-love construction as problematic. I'm the wrong guy to tell you how interesting this article is if you're immersed in that world, but it held my attention.
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