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September 30, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I have to imagine it's worth noting the first animated-gif cover at The New Yorker.

image* Alex Dueben talks to Gilbert Hernandez. Everything Hernandez says is interesting, and his response to what it was like to win a pair of recent awards is super-charming. Mark Frauenfelder talks to Art Spiegelman. Spiegelman and Gil Kane invented the modern comics legacy of great interviews. Team Inkstuds talks to Sean Christensen. Nicole Rudick profiles Gary Panter.

* congratulations to Scott Robins.

* early Jim Aparo is always worth checking out. Although come to think of it, he had to be in his mid-thirties by the time this particular story came out. I just so heavily identify him with later work that his career seems to lean later than maybe is historically accurate.

* Austin Kleon (I think it's him, and not just reblogging by him) profiles the new, book-length Here. Richard Bruton on the entirety of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 3. Erica Friedman on Couleur De Bijoux D'Amour. David L. Ulin on The Hospital Suite.

* that What Nerve show up in Providence sounds like a hell of a show. I wanted to profile it at one point pretty extensively but ran out of time to do so. Don't let my failure to structure my work time act as a vote against seeing the exhibit. I hope you'll consider seeing it if you're anywhere in the region.

* look at this beautiful Jaime Hernandez lettering.

* finally, I don't think I've ever seen this Bob Powell gimmick, and I agree with the writer of the post that it doesn't really work. Fascinating to think of the creative context that gets us there, though.
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