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October 1, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Nicole Rudick on School Spirits. Sarah Horrocks on Phosphorous.

* this photo of Hellen Jo is so great.

* congratulations to Jacq Cohen for passing her five-year anniversary at Fantagraphics yesterday. That's a long time to work at any one company in comics.

* hooray for business cards.

* there was apparently a final resolution in the Illinois-based challenge to Persepolis, the graphic memoir by Marjane Satrapi. That reports suggests a more significant political motivation than I've heard before, hewing reasonably closely to a pair of standard right-wing grass-roots talking points (the idea that anything assigned with a Muslim element requires extra scrutiny; the idea that such expressions are favored) as I've encountered them during my own time back home. I think that's deeply unfortunate.

* here's MariNaomi on writing people of color when you're not a person of color.

* here's a well-traveled Eric Canete cover-making process post.

* I like the idea of anything special featuring Dennis The Menace as a sort-of mascot, as I remember fondly the themed comic books that were done a generation ago. I have to admit, National Preparedness Day sounds like too important thing to be a random day, with or without cartoon spokespeople.

* Blake Hennon profiles Mike Mignola.

* finally, check out Tony Fitzpatrick's reading table.
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