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October 2, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's a brief look at Ben Katchor's wook as presented in Russia.

image* RC Harvey profiles Edward Gorey. Lauren Davis talks to Paul Pope.

* that I failed to get my face onto a Modok figure like Sonia Harris is pretty compelling evidence that I may have done SDCC wrong.

* Dan Brown on The Hospital Suite. John Seven on Distance Mover.

* here's a nice report from the CBLDF/Comic-Con sponsored San Diego talk about censorship in comics featuring Larry Marder and Scott McCloud. As I said before, that interested as the rare time Comic-Con has used its brand to promote something not directly related to one of its show.

* I'm still reading lengthy SPX reports of interest, like this one at Broken Pencil.

* SAW has announced Sprin 2015 seminars with Ed Piskor and Aidan Koch.

* I liked this self-portrait by the cartoonist Hope Larson. It looks like you can poke around there and see that work in progress, although I personally haven't done that yet. I also liked this Ralph Bakshi-posted development art for the movie Wizards.

* finally, the embedding was disabled on this Jess Johnson video, so I can't post it in "Video Parade."
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