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October 3, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Megan Kelso talks to Marc Bell. Amy Gunia profiles Badiucao. Rick Bradford profiles BN Duncan. Jae Choi profiles Elizabeth Im.

* the NYT will track comics sales again. I was indifferent, but I bet both creators and PR people will very much welcome such a list's return.

* I wish these attractive people all the best, but I'm enough of an old-school comics guy to be skeptical of executive hires when there's not a ton of easy-to-cite notable work being released. Tiered structures might maximize a line's execution into the marketplace, but the work has to be there. If I'm reading this correctly, the company cites two noteworthy books in a calendar year and blames the market for generally underperforming. There's not a memo or initiative that turns that recent track record into a thriving publishing house.

* Abrams will work with Mariko Tamaki on the Surely Books line. Sounds great. They're opening it up a bit, but Abrams traditionally makes actual imprints a rare thing, which makes the announcement that much more noteworthy.

* finally: Chris Gavaler on Rat Time.
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