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November 4, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to RJ Matson for winning this year's Berryman Award, and also for a magnificent mane of hair.

image* Irene Velentzas on Guts. Ryan C. on Rooftop Stew.

* go, read: Thom Dunn tells the recent story of Pedro S. Molina.

* Cesara Rossetti provides a primer on autobiographical cartooning.

* here are a couple of articles on the brand new Ladies First exhibit at the Billy Ireland, one by Alison Holm and one by Joel Oliphint.

* finally: go, watch: Chris Claremont's X-Men on Amazon Prime. That looks like one of a group of such films. Quality can vary on a bunch of films like that, but I like that kind of work -- especially as primary sources-type material -- moving forward.
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