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August 8, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly profile the great Art Young.

* here's a process post featuring Paul Karasik.

* I enjoyed looking at a lot of the work from artists featured in this promotion. There are a ton of visually gifted artists in particular featured there. It was always possible for most comics companies to hire with greater diversity, because the historical hiring records are abominable. It's harder to get away with any kind of excuse-making now, though. I would say that the vast majority of talented people I know creative and non-creative in comics that are under 40, maybe up to 80 percent, they are women. And that's lowballing it.

* here's a funny story from Dick Locher from his time working with Chester Gould.

* finally: Hayley Campbell talks with Neil Gaiman.
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