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October 6, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Paul O'Brien on Magneto Vol. 4.

* it's weird to me to think there's a great deal of value for old, gross comics characters to become less gross as there's little of what I remember about the original characters that seems to me of value. It's good PR churn for these companies, though, and maybe these characters will reveal something in their new incarnations that has escaped me until now.

* sometimes I wake up and flash on this particular news story and get mad all over again. It's like four or five screwed up things about the world had to line up to get that one to the point it's gotten to, but they all freakin' lined up, didn't they?

* this profile of an Awesome Possum crowd-funder gets into the CCS history of anthologies.

* ... you get a podcast, and you get a podcast, and you get a podcast...

* Andrew Weiss points out that John Byrne used images of body horror in Alpha Flight, something I've never given much thought but certainly sounds true.

* the SPX driving force of recent vintage Warren Bernard endorses both Blast Furnace Funnies and Frank Santoro's desire to build a physical school to complement his digital one. We also endorse these things.

* good luck to Chris Butcher on this tremendous opportunity! No one more deserving of a fun professional opportunity like that one.

* finally, Brian Cronin profiles Mike Dawson, while Shawn Starr talks to Blaise Larmee.
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