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October 7, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round Up

image* big piece of comics-related coverage of the day is this interview with Stan Lee, JC Lee and various current members of Team Stan at his home in Los Angeles. This is a heartbreaking piece of journalism, with a comprehensive approach to publishing everything said that gives it more authority than usual, as well as more pathos. Lee sounds exhausted and a bit uncertain of some of what's going on around him. Lee's late wife Joan is a significant, heartbreaking presence within the story. This is also the first time I remember daughter JC Lee participating in a story like this. I don't really know what the motivation behind getting this out there might have been from Lee's perspective, although I can imagine making several guesses based on the resulting story. I very much doubt there will be another public appearance for the longtime industry icon. I'm still skeptical of the $50-70M net worth figure.

* festivals extra: I am very fond of this photo my brother took of the CXC 2018 floor nine days ago.

* finally: Will Vinton, RIP.
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