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October 11, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Richard Bruton on the diary comics of Rina Ayuyang. Alfred Ng on The Best American Comics 2015. Tom Murphy on The Story Of My Tits.

* it's not comics, but I look forward to seeing Last Days Of Coney Island no matter where it debuts.

* Jarni Blakkarly profiles Zunar. Every Zunar profile is important right now. Dan Solomon profiles Kate Beaton. Kate Beaton profiles are also important right now in the wider scheme of things, as the smart kids 10, 12, 14 years old she helps inspire to make comics could transform the industry a decade from now. Steve Foxe talks to Valentine De Landro and Kelly Sue DeConnick. Dan Nadel talks to Hugh Front and Leon Sadler.

* not comics: I'm frequently told niche web sites are all the rage. I don't know if that would work in comics or not, because I'm not sure the percentage of a niche market that can support a sub-niche would be there no matter how cleverly conceived.

* I'll never understand the creative heart of cosplay, it's just not in me, but there's no denying how much skill is on display, from homemade costumes to more elaborate affairs.

* finally, we most never forget about Atena Farghadani.
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