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October 9, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* this is an interesting-sounding project. It would be great to have a facility like this in New York, and certainly I'm interested in the preservation of Joe Kubert's artistic legacy. That said, this kind of thing is really, really hard to do, and being in New York increases some of the resources of available to a project like this one but may make everything more expensive. There are a lot of failed such efforts in comics' history. I wish them the best, and I'll be first in line for a public opening.

* festivals extra: NYCC has a very active "Artist's Alley," and the Internet is filled with anecdotes about artists doing very well selling goods there. It's not my favorite way to conceive of an art form I love, but I'm happy with those that add to their bottom line that way.

* a crew of writers-about-comics at The Beat dig into recent Marvel comics including the last issue of the Jonathan Hickman-written X-Men recalibration/relaunch. I thought those comics were fun to read, and I will look in on the regular-series spin-offs. It's not easy to work with some of these older properties in terms of ideas and approaches that might potentially interest today's readers, of which there are much fewer than there used to me.

* finally, here's an update on the various cartoonist databases out there to help people find other people.
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