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October 6, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Ryan C. on Black Star. Andy Oliver on The Tower In The Sea. Rob Clough on Precious Moments. Todd Klein on Green Lantern #11. Sean Gaffney on Our Dreams At Dusk. Wendy Browne on Mezo #1.

* Bruce Canwell on Terry upping its chemistry game.

* in comics, nothing ever goes all the way away.

* Gary Tyrrell digs into how Guts is being presented by the press.

* bundled extra: Paul Gravett looks at books out in December, a deeply underrated comics month.

* looks like a shift for the Thor character over at Marvel Comics.

* finally: hey, David Heatley is on tour. I liked a few of David's comics when he had a short run as a cartoonist of interest by alt-comics fans. One of them I thought was subsequently made worse by how to collect it. I'll certainly check this book out.
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