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October 13, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Mark Evanier corrects an article about Captain America.

* here's my brother Whit at CXC 2019 hanging out with P. Craig Russell and wearing a Hellen Jo t-shirt and this makes me happy.

* Dan Nadel's Crumb biography is publishing news now, so people can complain about it to me openly instead of privately. Nadel is one of the most interesting writer about comics in the medium's history and it seems time for a treatment of the underground legend. He'll have access to the artist and his archives, apparently.

* I like some of the early Blondie comic strips but I still haven't been convinced of the strip's general quality by anything I've ever read, including chunks of the strip itself. There's no new information there, I'm just sharing my crankiness.

* Kurtis Findlay talks to Paul Tumey. I don't like this particular link and its formatting, as it goes through a feed, but it should work. Matthew Phelan talks to Olivia Jaimes.

* here's a list of best cartoonists/illustrators on Instagram.

* finally, a bit of not comics: here's an article on shared time that will likely trigger something in comics people for whom time is a massive thing to negotiate.
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