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October 15, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* this Drew Friedman exhibit opening soon and sticking around until mid-winter sounds like a lot of fun.

* by request extra: Fieldmouse Press pitches potential donors.

* a lot of folks find it very easy to grant legitimacy to the use of one story's set of symbols and ideas to foster a completely different story's set of symbols and ideas, but I sort of lack that gene in a way it all looks like a lot of strained arguing to me. I hope the show is good because having it be bad just means peole will be exposed to a bad TV show, but I'll never be show how to think of something like this. I found Mary Poppins similarly weird, and much more effort was spent building a continuity of tone. One thing I'm sure might help is the idea of people dressing up and committing violence on one another seems of a kind with the violent ugliness of modern American culture.

* OTBP: Modesty Comics. Don't know if it's all as obscure as a selected title might be, but it isn't a group with which I'm familiar.

* finally: Brigid Alverson on The Hard Tomorrow.
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