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October 21, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* there are way more comics out there than I will ever be able to read with serious intent. Here's one the creator suggested I read that looks like an incentive for people to consider subscribing to its host magazine: it's called Shamrock.

* I don't usually track sales, even though I'm happy to drop mention of them here and there as it seems to fit. Here's one at Sequential centered around Halloween.

* don't know that I've ever seen this Jack Kirby cover before. It's pretty great.

* Matt and Kara talk to Charles Soule. David Betancourt profiles Grant Morrison.

* Team Trouble With Comics dreams of comics yet to be collected.

* a reminder that the Sons Of The Serpent are shitheads. It's kind of in the name.

* James Whitbrook on Justice League #45. Scott Cederlund on Bitch Planet.

* finally, I like cute updates, particularly as years from now they'll help me figure out when a story was published now that the number system has gone kablooey.
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