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October 20, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the CBLDF has a nice piece up on Zunar winning a major legal victory in Malaysia. He fought long and hard for that one.

image* David Brothers reprints the Todd McFarlane essay at the back of the Spawn #1. That's an interesting historical document for a bunch of reasons, and I think it's possible to have a number of different takes on it.

* Alex Dueben talks to Ed Piskor.

* I enjoyed this goblin librarian drawn by Thomas Wellmann.

* here's a very high-profile piece -- at least in terms of people linking to it -- on superhero fight scenes. I like focused interviews like this, and if fight scenes are to superhero comics what song are to musicals, we should probably pay a lot more attention to that bit of comics choreography.

* Sean Rogers on Fatherland. Victoria Camblin on Gnosis. Sonia Harris takes a lengthy look at a second presentation for Street Angel; we don't get a lot of that kind of review. Jason Heller on a bunch of different comics.

* this is a very encouraging news story about women that work in the comics industry banding together. I think that's so helpful to do that, for any group that has a shared set of interests, and I hope that we'll see a lot more of both this one and like groups in the years ahead.

* finally, Art Adams draws Star Wars.
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