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October 23, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* today is the last day to apply for a place as an exhibitor at next May's TCAF.

image* Todd Klein on Hellboy In Hell Vol. 1. Gareth Branwyn on Megahex. Dominic Umile on The Wrenchies and Copra. Maria Russo on Hansel & Gretel. Tiffany White on Baby Bjornstrand. Chris Sims on Arkham Manor #1. Frank Santoro on Playground.

* hard to imagine you'll read a better article on comics this week than the latest Ryan Holmberg, on Matsumoto Masahiko.

* not comics: Rob Tornoe takes a survey of how various newspaper industry entities deal with trolls in their comments sections. He takes a survey-style approach, anyway; I don't think an actual survey was involved. It's helped me to think of this kind of thing soley in terms of it being a people problem rather than a result of technology or culture. Jackasses are more passionate about being jackasses than smart people are passionate about having on-line conversations. There are pockets of exception of course, but I think that's where we are now.

* Michael Cavna talks to Scott McCloud. Tony Ortega talks to Matt Bors. Frederik Hautain talks to Michael Cho.

* not comics: this new Archie shows sounds like that Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips Criminal arc where they riffed on the structure and flourishes of those comics. Those two were able to tap into something with that work that gave it an emotional charge that it's hard to imagine being present in a network TV show, but we'll see.

* finally, that's a cool-looking poster Ron Regé Jr. did for next year's SAW workshop.
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