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October 25, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* I don't think I've linked to this first one, and I'm not sure why: Matthias Wivel on Drawn And Quarterly: Twenty-Five Years. Richard Burton on Valerian And Laureline Volume Ten: Brooklyn Line -- Terminal Cosmos.

* I always love looking at Richard Sala's work at this time of year.

* this is a good question. I don't have as negative a view of how manga is covered within North American comics as several people I know seem to. Some of those people have much more practical hands-on experience when it comes to making that call, and I concede that it's not covered in proportion to the readership it has within North American comics culture -- as that particular audience base should be understood. I'm trying to ramp up my coverage of manga as I try to ramp up my coverage more widely, and neither task is easy. I have the same problem with webcomics. I hope to improve. As to the discrepancy of coverage between the two time periods, I think there's a threshold element to that along with a bunch of standard structural failures.

* not comics: these are all good things, and a full wipe can be excellent in and of itself.

* Benoit Crucifix talks to Olivier Schrauwen. Dan Shaw profiles Marisa Acocella Marchetto. Alexandra Wolfe profiles Stan Lee. Someone whose name I don't see talks to Jaime Hernandez. Robin McConnell talks to Mardou.

* finally, I've always preferred "unemployed."
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