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October 26, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough On Long Red Hair. Thomas Chatterton Williams on The Arab Of The Future.

* Ryder Windham wrote in to the Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast about my podcast with them about Eros. I had totally forgotten Ryder used his real name and that was indeed an important thing in terms of the culture around that company. I hadn't heard that Black Kiss was an inspiration for the imprint. I'm jealous of Windham's friendship with Frank Thorne.

* I enjoyed this list of horror comics at Paste although I was surprised that Josh Simmons didn't make the list along with his alt-comics peers Ben Catmull and Al Columbia. Simmons is the best cartoonist working that genre today.

* one of the great routine articles about cartooning: a cartoonist holds forth on a major political transition.

* not comics: there are enough news sources reporting this preposterous-sounding story as true that I'll risk linking to one, as it's an interesting story if true or if the product of mass psychosis. Sometimes I wonder about all of this junk-genre TV being poured into the top of people's heads, although when I do that I don't really project this kind of dramatic result.

* Sadaf Ahsan profiles Adrian Tomine.

* finally, here's a fun interview with Jonathan Lethem about his involvement with this year's Best American Comics.
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