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October 28, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Robert Boyd on the first issue of his new magazine. He's a friend of this site and of alt-comics in general.

image* Henry Chamberlain on Invisible Ink.

* go, look: the Columbus comics scene, 20 years ago.

* Gary Tyrrell notes how admirable it is for Cartoon Art Museum to offer programming while in temporary space, and I agree with him.

* Chris Butcher is a fine journal writer, and I enjoyed this post from him about a professional opportunity he enjoyed at the recent NYCC.

* Matthew James-Wilson talks to Patrick Kyle. Misaki C. Kido talks to Nakaba Suzuki.

* not comics: there was some back-and-forth movement to an Internet discussion about working for free instigated by the actor and writer Wil Wheaton: this seems like a pretty good summary. I'm deeply unimpressed by arguing the extremes of a standard procedure change based on language used. Working for free is such a horrible standard model that the exceptions should be at the perimeter of things rather than their core... but you should expect exceptions. I don't just hate the idea of people working for free, I think the general downgrade in pay over the last 15 years has damaged the culture of writing. We should all work on it as best we can.

* go, look: Carol Tilley has taken photos of descriptions of Tales From The Crypt #40 given to Senate members.

* Colin Upton encounters his work in the wild.

* always willing to second a recommendation for Emily Carroll's spooky comics.

* I'm honestly trying to figure out if I'm missing the point of this article, but I like love triangles so I didn't hate reading it.

* finally, Noelle Stevenson visited CCS. And so did Dylan Horrocks. They're doing a great job of getting people up there right now.
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