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October 28, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Klon Waldrip on Old Ground. Rachael Conrad on Check, Please!. Jesse Sublett on Berlin.

* friend to CR Gil Roth mentioned in a recent e-mail the free download of a Gardner Dozois tribute issue of NYRSF as something that might interest comics fans. I'm sure it would interest many, but the recommendation struck me because I was recently musing over the lingering impact of Science Fiction culture on comics culture with another friend. I think that influence is pretty significant, and kind of out of sight at this point.

* Lindsay Garber talks to Drew Weing.

* Jennifer Hoff takes a look at Books With Pictures in Portland, a well-received store in that very complex market. It's been around two years or so now.

* finally: I wasn't aware there was a theatrical take on Steve Ditko in production.
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