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October 28, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* sad to hear that Mitch Berger is in the final stages of hospice care, and our every best wish for every single good moment to come his way. Berger was involved in the fabric of comics' intersection with legal matters for several years, and was a foundational member of the CBLDF.

* I never know what to make of the Facebook marked-safe feature, but it's encouraging to wake up in the morning and see people offer up good news as to their safety. These kind of life disruptions are part of life right now, and we wish everyone the best negotiating these potentially horrific moments.

* good work is better than not-as-good work, but I question our need to have a separate rooting interest in how a subset of movies is vital or not and in which ways. My life would have been perfectly fine without any hint of the subsequent employment of these characters, concepts and ideas.

* always fun to hear about a comics-related residency.

* finally: those comics community members sued by Cody Pickrodt are still in need of your support.
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