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October 29, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Joe Gordon on The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc-Sec. Rob Staeger on The Undertaking Of Lily Chen. Various The Quietus writers on various comics they like. Marc Singer on The Just. Ray Olson on Doctors.

* it's not comics, but the slate of movies announced by Marvel earlier this week has implications for comics. One can expect the Inhumans, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Doctor Strange properties to have slightly higher profiles in Marvel's comics in the years ahead. There's always the chance that having a firm slate will cause the books side of Marvel to act in a rational fashion as far as having works featuring those characters available for sale, but that's never a certainty. The staggering number of these movies suggests a broad PR opportunity for those kinds of comics in general, as basically the shapers of a big chunk of pop culture and a way to read tomorrow's movies today. A lot of money might change the way Marvel approaches issues with a financial component involved, the same way that some folks think that had the Avengers movie made half as much money Marvel would have been twice as reluctant to settle with the Kirby family. I imagine you might see the non-Marvel, non-DC companies orient themselves to opportunities in TV even more fully, which might change what comics get published at such places. We're firmly in the realm of conjecture at that point, though.

image* here's a nice-looking Jillian Tamaki illustration.

* superior link-blogger Kevin Melrose drives our attention to kitty-related superhero imagery presented by Marvel to celebrate National Cat Day.

* Conrad Groth, MAD intern.

* don't look now, but there's apparently big money in comic book art.

* Jonah Weiland talks to Tony Millionaire.

* not comics: the artist that made the well-received Wire character poster a while back now has a similarly-conceived Breaking Bad poster to offer you.

* Sean Kleefeld wonders after the selling of prints both generally and as a preferred alternative -- for some -- to buying comics.

* finally, it's always great to see new photos of Marie Severin.
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