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October 29, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* this is a really, really good idea: a Southern California festival focused on working artists in a variety of fields, including comics. Early September 2019. Jim Demonakos' involvement given his role in developing Emerald City will make this a show of focus for those that follow these festivals as businesses.

* this seems like a good idea. I'm not fired up for variant covers, as I think they introduce a level of distortion into the comics market that's unnecessary and maybe even harmful, but I'm not totally against marking special issues, etc. with this kind of flourish. If they have to exist, and somebody has to get those nice gigs, it's good that some of them will go to creators that are struggling.

* Andy Oliver on Kingdom. Holly Raidl on Mami.

* Rob Rogers and Randy Bish talk about the awesome responsibility of responding to tragedy in your home market.

* finally: Henry ends its long run. Obligatory silent-strip joke: "The protagonist declined to speak to the press." It had been in daily syndication since 1934.
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