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October 31, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* that great stalwart of writing-about-comics Graeme McMillan talks to the new stewards of the John Constantine character. It's not a kind of creation in which I take a a natural interest, but it's certainly a part of the modern media landscape, including the comics corner of it. That's a well-conceived character in term of making a kind of baseline template in the Doctor Who tradition, although I think there are some elements that keep the iterations themselves from developing legs. Constatine's a lot like Wolverine in that respect. We'll get a streaming series before too long to test this. I don't have a long history of comics starring that character, although I tend to prefer heroes that are scrambling to keep their shit together than ascendant badasses dunking on various dummies, although the latter version has probably been what's kept the character around for this long.

* bundled extra: here's a peak at the next Mimi Pond project. I'll fun this in "Bundled" proper next week, too.

* not fully accustomed to seeing the sale of original art concurrent with the publication of a comics issues, but it seems smart to me.

* festivals extra: SPACE will be held mid-July this year. That's my hometown show, and having CXC has almost certainly put a damper on this sister-show to juggernaut SPX. I have hopes for it, though. We need as many comics-only shows as we can muster.

* finally: that time Al Columbia and Mr. T hung out together.
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