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November 3, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Philippe Leblanc talks to Luc Bossé.

* not comics: good eye, Steve Lieber.

* August 2016: the moment I threw up. Ugh, the headline. Missed this article, totally, though, and that's a formidable comic book about which I always like reading.

* enough with the rings.

* it would have been nice to see the editorial cartoon or Sunday strip the late Jeff MacNelly might have done after the Cubs world series win.

* let the Doctor Strange feature tie-ins continue! I read a bunch of these in a row today and it seemed to me we're pretty close to square one again when it comes to talking frankly that such characters have human creators and that in the case of Stephen Strange we know he was Ditko's idea. Here's another one focused on favorite stories. I think the only must-read Doctor Strange stories involve Steve Ditko, and I tend to be pretty broadly accepting of what comics creators bring to characters like this one. It's just that nothing has won me over. I liked the late '70 P. Craig Russell annual, the Colan art generally, the Roger Stern years and the current material okay, but the Ditko-involved work seems of another class.

* finally, at one point in their lives most cartoonists were just working a table like everyone else.
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