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November 3, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Philippe Leblanc on three by Allie Trigoso.

* so apparently they're putting together another official timeline for the DC universe and this will be a line-wide thing. There was a time when people extolled the virtues of whole line narratives as comics' unique contribution to the creative world, and a time when it seemed like those companies were going back to ignoring them altogether. I'm kind of in-between. Those issues really bore me as foreground but I think can inform a fruitful approach to doing these kinds of comics.

* Kurtis Findlay talks to Paul Tumey.

* Gary Tyrrell talks us through a David Malki crowd-funder that had a very interesting path to publication.

* I'll mention this again in the "Assembled" column after taking a look, but there is apparently a new AAEC web site.

* not comics: Dean Mullaney writes about one of the great related-item efforts of all time, the Punjab Magic Whistle.

* finally: here's an article breaking down the ramifications of Batman competing in some MMA-style contests within one of his comics.
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