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November 8, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* why not kick off the week with a viewing of a fun video of Ann Telnaes at Mike Lynch's place?

image* you should go look at the Comics Alliance pin-ups and consider participation in the charity portion of the effort.

* the cartoonist and comics historian RC Harvey walks through such recent astonishing sights on the newspaper comics page as a pair of one-panel Blondies.

* here's a short piece on comic-book stand-ins, although I'm not sure that what these publishers are doing with groups Hydra as stand-in Nazis or Glorious Godfrey and evangelists is exactly the same as what they've done with things like Roxxon (with they mention) or The Maggia (for the mafia) and the Sons Of The Serpent (the Klan), which they don't.

* Frank Santoro takes his grid-laden analysis to Jaime Hernandez's "Browntown."

* I bet this particular ass-whipping never gets mentioned when the bad guys sit around and drink brews.

* not comics: what a Tony Millionaire album cover would look like covering one wall of your home.

* Ben Towle uses a children's book to explore how CMYK printing works. Dustin Harbin, for his part, pulls out his Ames Lettering Guide.

* this is 100 percent true.

* not comics: it makes perfect sense that a Dan Zettwoch Halloween costume would look something like this.

* I'm not exactly sure what this photo is that's just sort of sitting in my bookmarks. I'm thinking that's either a photo of the young artists that worked with Paul Pope in that mentoring/retreat thing he was talking about months ago, or Pope's leading a team of young, super-powered mutants.

* we used to drink Little Kings beer when we were in middle school, but I don't think that was comics-related like this is.

* that's some cover.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco discusses a Chick tract he found in a kid's Halloween candy haul, and wonders out loud if this is appropriate material for anyone to be giving children.

* Matt Seneca wants to introduce you to the Hokusai Grids.

* the writer Tucker Stone talks about how a skillful comic book can underwhelm/outright fail according to the bare minimum, general expectations a reader might bring to such an experience. I like the orientation Stone has towards this material maybe more than the actual observation -- I'm not feeling him as to why this couldn't work on the page, even if it's boring and static, the same way an episode of a sitcom that uses a fixed camera point or drops the set could still be pretty enjoyable. Then again, Stone is dealing with an actual comic book and I'm engaging with the vague idea of potential comics, so I'm going to win that argument every time.

* the longtime writer-about-comics Ng Suat Tong revisits a pair of pages from Human Diastrophism.

* finally, Robot 6 has an embedded, short fan-film of How I Learned To Stop Worry And Love John Byrne.
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