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November 7, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's some love for 900 pages of Locas as a compelling, pleasurable, and ultimately lovely comics-reading experience -- one of the many ways to characterize its many virtues. There are some comics that punch in its weight class in terms of overall artistic experience, its aesthetic rewards and insight into human nature, and a few comics that are in the same neighborhood as enjoyable reads, but it's hard to think of any other comics that can be accessed both ways to greater reward.

* this is the final morning for a multiple GN crowd-funder from alt-comics icon Steve Lafler.

image* Mike Kleine on The Death Of The Master. Mike Lynch on Feiffer On Nixon.

* put Iron Jaw on the list of terrifying Golden Age superhero comics figures.

* not comics: Stephen Dixon, one of the formidable figures in Fantagraphics' prose list, died on Wednesday. He was 83.

* Brad Wheeler profiles Jeff Lemire. Extra credit for going with a non-standard headline there.

* Liza Donnelly livedraws through a marathon for charity.

* Rick Marschall is the focus of an article on one university's attempt to build a collection around political cartooning. Marschall is apparently America's foremost expert on pop culture now. Go big or go home, I guess.

* what music Lisa Hanawalt is listening to.

* finally: here is what was for sale the summer I was 11 years old.
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