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November 10, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is a better-than-average interview with Adam Hines, the creator of Duncan The Wonder Dog. My goodness, I thought the statement that Hines' humongous book was merely one of an eventual nine volumes was a misprint or a joke. It's interesting to see that one gather momentum just because people are gobsmacked by it.

image* the cartoonist Jillian Tamaki offers up a fun series of sketch-illustrated observations on her recent Skim-related trip across Europe.

* if I'm reading the post correctly, a free symposium on the socio-economic state of illustration and comics-making is being held in Belgium. I can't even imagine such a thing happening over here with the reluctance people have to speak on the subject of what people make.

* at the risk of taking work away from people I know and like, I think expanding the Marvel series Strange Tales to include groups like children's book illustrators is a fine idea.

* the Marvel editor Tom Brevoort has advice for aspiring writers, basically to scale back the pyrotechnics and tell involving stories about character, which has long been the Marvel mantra in terms of what it's looking for from writers. I have so got to send him my Razorback script. Danny McBride needs a superhero movie, too!

* the writer and critic Graeme McMillan points out that the primary purpose of DC's Brightest Day crossover is to return certain characters to viability in terms of holding their own franchise down, which is fascinating on a lot of levels least of which is that I think it's really hard to force that kind of thing. Over at his regular CBR opinion-analysis gig, McMillan discusses the recent slew of bizarre Image trailers in terms of not know what's going on being a good thing.

* the writer Kurt Busiek answers the living crap out of his mail.

* not comics: please consider helping Stephen DeStefano's sick kitty.

* according to these astounding photos and the brief report on top of them, Guy Delisle and Joe Dog were among the guests at a recent comics event in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

* the cartoonist Box Brown discusses the comics-related album covers he found on an album covers site, including the work of amateur cartoonist Cat Stevens.

* the cartoonist Richard Thompson notes what is likely an inventory burn-off of his first Cul De Sac collection at That is one fine book at any price.

* finally, the writer Craig Fischer goes old-school blogging style with a long and completely personalized post about cartoon books he's purchased at a bookstore in the town where his in-laws reside. Great town that Dekalb.
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