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November 13, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Matt Seneca on Amnesia: The Lost Films of Francis D. Longfellow #1.

* I saw Al this weekend; he looked well. We were roommates briefly 1000 years ago, friends before and after. As I was explaining to a friend how intense Al's fans were on the stairs of CAB someone stopped, yelled in my direction "Al Columbia is here!?!" And then ran back inside. "Like that," I said to my friend.

* not comics: this is just awful. I know she did some comics coverage as part of her feature writing.

* here's an exploration of the paper shortage's impact on comics publishing. I already saw this happen with a few books that were supposed to be at CXC not making it here. Also, the local paper increased its price. As much

* finally: "No, no, Aquaman."
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