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November 16, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* one of the best things in all of comics, the charity Child's Play, has started up for the holiday season.

image* I can't imagine a single person that's read the work didn't flash to Burma Chronicles during the related news of the last week. Guy Delisle noted it himself on his blog.

* the prominent writer about comics George Gene Gustines provides you and New York Times readers with a holiday shopping list. It's a pretty good list; I'd second recommendations for about 2/3 of the books he lists.

* the Webcomics List Awards are open for nominations from now until December 20.

* I very much need to get super, super high and go see this.

* the writer Paul Tobin invites you to read an on-line comic he's doing in conjunction with the television show Falling Skies.

* this may be the weirdest recurring joke in the history of North American comic strips.

image* Craig Thompson draws the Muppets -- well, sort of. It's part of a parody for his friends in the band Menomena.

* the retailer and blogger Mike Sterling looks at an odd book featuring the Peanuts characters.

* this was an excellent report on King Con.

* in a world of screen addicts... the cool people read comics. There was a time when North American comics industry observers endlessly debated the exact make-up of a "comics = cool" campaign. I like the looks of this one.

* finally, Chris Butcher's right: that's a lovely Doug Wright strip.
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