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November 16, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Natalye Childress talks to Liz Suburbia. David Nieves talks to Matt Kindt.

* congratulations to the comics-maker Charles Soule.

* Maggie Vicknair on Snarlbear. John Seven on Hot Or Not. Shawn Starr on No Visitors. JP Fallavollita on Ether #1. Mike Sterling on BPRD #147.

* missed it: what do Batman and Einstein have in common?

* Bruce Canwell gives answers to his puzzles he did a bit back, puzzles that gave me the twitching eyelid.

* here's a list of seemingly random superheroes one forgot were in the Avengers.

* Paul Gravett makes his picks for what's coming out next month that's worth purchasing.

* finally, please stop this.
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