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November 16, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on a bunch of minis. John Seven on Present.

* saw the Justice League movie last night with a bunch of guys; I was super-grateful to be invited. The movie was better than I thought it would be. Although it wasn't ever good, it didn't seem to be trying to give the audiences a miserable experience. I can see fans enjoying it, I can see people actually watching it again on cable, and I think it does the job the studio wants it to. We'll see if a wider audience agrees.

It was interesting to me in a couple of ways. Many of the scenes seemed to be cut internally, I'm guessing to up the pace of the film from the excruciating, ponderous torpor of the last two movies with Superman in them. There was also a hint of Kirby not just in the Fourth World iconography/nomenclature but in its attention to strict power levels. No one wins a fight in this movie because they're morally virtuous: the nature of fighting ignores virtue. If as one would infer the next movie finds the League facing villains played by actors instead of more CGI things, that would be an advantage for them over the Marvel team sequel. Still can't see a Cyborg solo film, though.

* finally: Rossell Contreras profiles Lalo Alcaraz.
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