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November 18, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the many, oddly-marked graves of Jean Grey.

image* Richard Thompson talks about his wonderful, weird, supporting character Ernesto. His description of Ernesto as a James Bond Villain in the first grade still cracks me up.

* for some reason, this post from Kyle Baker about the delight he feels in the stuff he's getting away with drawing in his current gig at Marvel cracks me up.

* holy guacamole, the first panel in this week's Maakies is crazy-looking beautiful.

* although selling t-shirts was not all that great a business for Fantagraphics back in the day, I'm surprised they don't partner with someone that specializes in that stuff now. I have to imagine there's at least some market out there for stuff like this. I'd buy a Cathy Malkasian t-shirt, and I'm really, really old.

* I've always enjoyed Rian Hughes' work, and I'm looking forward to both this interview and the new book of Hughes' it discusses.

* can you help Ryan Holmberg by answering his questions about Koike Kazuo?

* I think if I lost an election to someone named Gypo-Bax, I'd go full-bore super-villain, too.

* finally, Ryan Haupt over at iFanboy picks five mainstream comics writers that write science well. I wish he could have gone a little bit wider and wrangled in Jim Ottaviani and maybe one or two other guys, but hey! Not my article!
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