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November 19, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Joe Hilliard on Daddy Lost His Head And Other Stories. That's the 20th of those black and white EC collections by author. That's a nice run. I enjoy those books quite a bit.

* I'm enjoying the Hal Foster Prince Valiant books that are coming out right now, and every so often I'll be particularly taken with one random panel or another, like this one.

* Michel Fiffe drew some plank-style, elements-of-the-time-period drawings of Spider-Man that are a lot of fun.

* go, listen: Mike Sacks and Rob talk to Drew Friedman.

* John Siuntres talks to Frank Frazetta Jr. and Sarah Gaydos. Amy Carlton talks to Emil Ferris. Carlos Ramirez talks to Kat Fajardo.

* finally: Drew Friedman covers Dr. Demento.
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