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November 22, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* missed this key twist in an ongoing, important news story: the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is resubmitting a bill about the sexual depictions of youth, a bill that could ostensibly have a drastic effect on manga and anime. What seems key is that the language has been tweaked to counter arguments that the previous iteration of the bill contained language that was way too broad.

image* also missed this Brigid Alverson post at Robot 6 on "What Makes A Kids-Friendly Comics Shop?" focusing on Diamond's resources for consumers to find such places. It's a fairly compelling, brief read, in that all the usual problems are on display: qualifiers that may not match what one thinks of when one things of comics for kids, a standard that measures only in merchandise purchased, the fact that some comics stores feel outright hostile to some children. I still believe that there's a potential for continuing reform and a greater toe-hold for certain kinds of markets within that general avenue of sales.

* which cartoonists making which letters will create the ultimate comics font?

* I'm still a sucker for this.

* this week's desktop background. I rarely link to Manu Larcenet's blog, but the art there is almost always nice. Speaking of consistently wonderful imagery, I don't remember when or why I started linking to it, but I can't imagine there are a handful of sketch blogs out there as consistently rewarding as Mattias Inks.

* not comics: what kind of movie world do we live in where the same guy plays Leonard H. McCoy and Judge Dredd and this doesn't seem to be odd in any way?

* hey, it's a Charles Burns interview. And over here is a review of X'ed Out by Ben Schwartz.

* I've never been a comics proselytizer beyond liking them myself and being able to talk someone's ear off if asked, so this advice makes some general sense.

image* like many collectors with impulse-control issues and a widely desirous heart, I tell myself I don't need any more original art because it makes me feel better about not having extra money to spend on original art right now. Still, it's hard to maintain a straight, non-greedy face when Derek Kirk Kim is putting all that great art up for sale. Alan David Doane is also selling a lot of material on eBay, mostly I believe high-end books from his collection.

* today's article most likely to be lightly rewritten and then used pretty much wholesale by the various mainstream comics-focused sites and bloggers is this one about people playing dress-up in Seattle to participate in the crime-reduction process. It's not that I don't understand civilians taking back the night -- I participate in my neighborhood watch groups, and my hometown dallied with the Guardian Angels at one point when I was a teen -- as much as it is I don't quite understand the costume impulse in any context. Although I guess if you're in for an inch, you're in for a mile. It does make a significant amount of sense this kind of thing would be happening in various locations right now, in that I imagine in the bigger picture there are economic forces at work. Heck, I bet Seattle's milder weather plays a role in that it makes it easier to be "on patrol" year-round. The article acknowledges there's a thin line between interacting with criminals and spending months in jail yourself, even when you don't put on body armor and go and seek this stuff out, so that's worth noting.

* never play dueling covers with Jack Kirby. While we're laying down some basic rules, never read Italian horror comics after lunch.

* finally, some not comics: check out this cool birthday card to Rich Tommaso from Jessica Johnson.
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