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November 24, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Bill Amend guests on XKCD?

* the CBLDF could use your volunteer help next week.

image* one thing I'll be catching up on in the dim hours of tomorrow morning before the cooking starts is David Brothers' massive article on digital comics. The Friday after Thanksgiving I always reserve for catching up with on-line strips in great gulps, like the magnificent Achewood.

* I like the way this interview is pitched in its opening paragraph: both as a piece about the specific artist, Reilly Brown, but the task of working on comics that are supposed to fit into an array of books adding up to one mega-story.

* to everyone that wrote me asking: this one.

* I like posts that are both a sweet sentiment and a giant "you're all a bunch of entitled dicks" to a massive segment of comics fans, myself included. Several families out there will use nothing but that mode of speech for the next three days.

* today's recipient of my new "make an Internet post that seems designed to speak specifically to my interests and obsessions" mind-ray power is Jeet Heer, who quickly foisted up something on used bookstores as a precursor to comics shops. My first local comic book store (1981 to 1986) was such a shop even in the formal sense that they had pull lists and weekly new comics. They just put that part of their business in the portion of the building that stretched east from the cash register while the used book part of the business stretched west. (In fact, I have a physical sense memory remaining of walking into that story and walking around that desk and into comics-land that I'll retain until I pass away.) Anyway, once you include bookstores that did business with used comics, you get into hundreds of establishments, I bet.

* not comics: it took me a while, but I think the insanity of the Spider-Man musical is what finally has me rooting for it to stay open until I get to New York to see it. At that point, however, I'd like it to close immediately and never be performed again, swinging off into show business legend.

* finally, a Paper Radio reunion.
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