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November 25, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* in the most serious cartoonist-related news you're likely to hear today: a new video from an extremist group threatens Lars Vilks by name. Vilks is an artist (not in any way a cartoonist in the way we usually define such things) who made a cartoon-like drawing of Muhammed's head on the body of a dog, which hasn't gone over well with people deeply offended by that kind of imagery and those that seek political gain through that genuine upset.

image* Vanessa Davis' Make Me A Woman garners the attention of TCJ heavy-lifter Rob Clough, and is part of a group of five fine books recommended by NPR to get you through your turkey coma. I'm confused by any Thanksgiving tradition that doesn't include way too much football, but cartoonists are good company, too.

* the Madagascarian cartoonist William Rasoanaivo has won the drawing category of this year's RFI press freedom awards for a cartoon celebrating 40 years of African self-rule. It appeared in L'Express Dimanche. I'm not super-familiar with Rasoanaivo, but here's an interview from about six, seven years ago.

* Gary Varvel finds much to be thankful for, including having a cartooning job when some of his friends and peers are losing theirs.

* this Film Threat interview with Martin Landau has a couple of nuggets of news of which I wasn't aware. First, Film Threat is still around. Second, Landau nearly landed a long-term gig at the New York Daily News as their theatrical caricaturist. Now that is a road not taken.

* the writer Jason Aaron has a nice column up about keeping the pounds off as you slide into a professional career of being hunched over a drawing board or in front of a computer screen for 12 hours a day. I couldn't figure out the formatting at first and somehow thought it was Kelly Sue DeConnick and not Jeff Lemire that was playing hockey, but that's my fault, not CBR's.

image* according to a brief post at the French-language industry news clearinghouse the Association des Critiques et Journaliste de la Bande Dessinée has named the final five for its critics' prize, including two books that were critical-praise monsters in their English-language comics. They are Asterios Polyp, David Mazzucchelli (Casterman); Chateau de sable, Frederik Peeters and Pierre Oscar Lévy (Atrabile); Gaza 1956: en marge de l'histoire Joe Sacco (Futuropolis); La Mort de Staline Volume One: Agonie, Thierry Robin and Fabien Nury (Dargaud); Page noire, Ralph Meyer and Frank Giroud and Denis Lapière (Futuropolis).

* this episode of "Send Us Your Shelf Porn" includes a door to a secret room. That's one slide-able batpole and a dedicated phone from the local funnybook shop away from being the perfect comics-holding room.

* this will get a mention in next week's "Festival" column, but since there isn't one today I'll note briefly that WonderCon has announced its initial battery of guests, with Seth leading the alt-comics contingent. Tickets for the show go on sale starting December 1. With the increasing difficulty of attending national shows, the people of the Bay Area are lucky to have a solid, big-tent show on a slightly reduced scale like this one to attend. I went last year on their dime and enjoyed the crap out of it. If I were rich I'd go back every year just to buy old comic books.

* the Funky Winkerbean one makes this feature for me.

* finally, there's so much to be thankful for and so many lists out there that say it eloquently in words, like this one from Gil Roth. I remain perpetually grateful for the opportunity to write about comics every day, and for the precious gift of your time and attention. Thank you.
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