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November 28, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alexander Lu on Doomsday Clock #1. Joshua Davison on Black Panther #167.

* Meg Lemke talks to Gene Luen Yang. Andrew Meachum talks to Alison Bechdel. I think the regional theater rollout for Fun Home's theater iteration may be the most important in terms of reaching big chunks of American culture with its story and the underlying messages of its reality. I'm happy for every interview and profile.

* not comics: Gabriel San Roman looks at how Lalo Alcaraz and some other creatives were brought in by Pixar to work with them on Coco, something that happens with a number of films but was key to this one's final result in a way that's allowed it to be a bigger hit than some initially thought.

* not comics: there's a lesson here for any culture or sub-culture that wishes to operate in a more functional, open, and positive way: there is usually an institutional rot that enables the worst flare-ups and makes it difficult for the baseline to improve.

* finally, Brian Bendis names a few books on writing he's found useful over the years.
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