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November 28, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* TyRuben Ellingson talks to MIke Mignola. Patrick Dunn talks to Ellen Forney. Alex Dueben talks to David Small. Rachel Ward profiles Mr. Fish.

* Frank Young on Thimble Theatre: The Pre-Popeye Comics Of E.C. Segar. Tegan O'Neil on McCay. Ed Park on Berlin. Dan Brown on The Vagabond Valise. Soma Das on Raising Rihaan. Brian Truitt on a selection of comics.

* you could do far worse in life than copy behavior by that force of nature, Ed Koren.

* finally, a go, read: Student Assisstant Sarah Clawson at the Billly Ireland has written a nice piece here about gethering togther a collection of portrayals of disability available at the institution.
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