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November 30, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's a lovely post by Bhob Stewart about Martin Landau's cartooning career.

image* the cartoonist and caricaturist Richard Thompson talks about his long-time US News & World Report gig, on the occasion of that publication mostly leaving the newsstand.

* the mighty Paul Gravett continues his survey of great British comics of the right here and right now.

* it's hard to imagine a blog more fun post by post than Brandon Graham's.

* funnybook professor Chris Mautner takes you to Comics College via his 100-level course in Tintin. I like the idea of imagining these are actual comics courses, because I bet people would avoid some and embrace others.

* Secret Acres describes their current goings-on, including their plans for the forthcoming Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival.

* Dash Shaw contributed to a 'zine about fraternity parties?

* in stuff that I've seen around the Internet that might make good holiday presents news: here's a lovely print for Cardinals fans by Dan Zettwoch; here's a cute t-shirt by Dustin Harbin; here's a sale from Rob Ullman.

* this Jesse Moynihan page is batshit insane, although if you don't like to see people depicted as being involved in dramatic, bloody fistfights with animals, it's certainly not for you.

* finally, a visit to Batman City: where everyone is Batman.
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