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November 29, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Martin Brown on The Cranklet's Chronicle.

* not comics: I think I may spend a lot of time at this Sidney Sime gallery very soon. The holidays are great like that.

* I think I wrote this already but I don't mind saying so twice: it's always a good thing when Chris Samnee is drawing his character exercises, routinely flattering to the original design.

* bundled extra: Graeme McMillan profiles Andrew Wheeler and Shout Out.

* here's the first review I've seen for A Fire Story, which will be a big release next year.

* I totally missed that Nancy Ohanian won the 2018 Berryman Award. That work is under-seen and accomplished. So is the Berryman. So is Berryman, an early 20th Century Post cartoonist.

* finally: here's another New Yorker profile, this time for Ronald Wimberly and LAAB.
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