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November 30, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* by request extra: you have until later today to get in on the ground floor with Ronald Wimber's LAAB project.

image* Alex Hoffman on Sound Of Snow Falling. Jerry Beck on various books, including How To Read Nancy.

* Sam Thielman looks at the CB Cebulski/Akira Yoshida controversy from the perspective of one of comics pulp hangovers: pervasive orientalism.

* here's Jim Fischer on the new immigration-related exhibit at the Billy Ireland.

* Hillary Brown talks to Leslie Stein. Sean Edgar talks to Gary Frank. Edgar also talks to Rick Remender and Matthew Rosenberg.

* the news is so weird now that no one really noticed the UK cartoonist that set a hotel on fire after problems with the escort he paid for.

* finally, this article on "fixing" the DC superhero movies has a specific focus that kind of moves past my ability to care about such things. I have little patience for superhero film or fixing movies. It might be right up your alley, though: crime alley, that is.
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