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December 3, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Due to my poor e-mail skills I totally missed being able to list the release party for Zirp #3 by Till Thomas. Please make it up to him on my behalf by visiting his site and considering a purchase of the publication as one of those "Off the Beaten Path" items. It looks cool.

* go here to read a lengthy and interesting review of Amazing Fantasy Omnibus, written by Jeet Heer.

* I also rather liked this casual analysis of Stan Lee's influence as a dialog writer on the character of Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl, in the Lee/Kirby run on Fantastic Four. My guess would be any contribution by Lee along these lines would reflect how Lee felt a character like that should be treated, and isn't a reflection of any interpersonal relationship.

* the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) has organized an Ebay auction driven by prominent cartoonists in order to raise money for the seemingly endless (from the prosecutor's end) Gordon Lee case. There's a lot of nice stuff in there. The auctions will close on Sunday.

* our industry pal Brett Warnock from Top Shelf is parting with his Russ Cochran EC hardcover sets. Prices and related information here. Those are some of the best comics publications of all time, no joke. Their place of pride in the Fantagraphics library was one of my great visual memories of my first day there.

image* Joel Meadows has written in to say that they've found a definite home for their artists-in-workspaces book Studio Space: Image Comics, where the 320-page book will come out next May in both paperback and hardcover. That's Joe Kubert in the picture at right.

* according to an e-mail forwarded to me by co-creator Rich Tommaso, the Satchel Paige biography he did with James Sturm won an award in something called the New York Book Show: "Congratulations! It is our pleasure to inform you that your entry: Satchel Paige, in the category of Children's Trade, Graphic Novel, has won an award in the 2008 New York Book Show."

* there are some more pictures of the Drawn and Quarterly store in last Wednesday's post on the hard to link to specific entires D&Q blog. Scroll down a bit further for the new tied-for-#1 CR Holiday Gift Guide item.

* I really hope this becomes the final cover.

* First there were so many comics coming out it became hard enough to keep track of all of them so that today awesome books show up on the shelves to scare the crap out of you, now there seems to be enough in the way of books written about comics and cartoonists that it's hard to keep track of all the new ones. Never has being disconcerted been so much fun.

* Comics & Games Retailer, RIP 2008
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